One heart, all hearts

One spirit, all spirits

No movement, all movements

Photos: Anna Tervahartiala

Our body is our nearest world. From there

we should start our journey; to explore, to learn,

to find ourselves. When we know ourselves

we are ready to find the world

When we find the world we are equipped to learn

others; beings, energy, material, time, space, and

life. When encountering life we will see, find,

ourselves in life. Within us is everything.

Butoh is about life - alive dance, dance with life

Osku Leinonen & MARIA Salangina: MO theatre

– BUTOH ,workshops, performances, Qigong (CHI KUNG), visual arts, artistic collaborations

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Artspace Pelto has been opened


Our short movie The Cave now on Vimeo

Uncounted sceneries eventful memories 2015 on Vimeo

Seasons, a film by Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski, Masha Salangina and Osku Leinonen

Picture book “Myths – stories within oneself” is published & ready for orders. Check for example AMAZON UK. Look the video slideshow.

Workshops in Finland and abroad & suggestions to perform, collaborate or join in festivals – please make a contact.


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